New Owl Bird

November 6th, 2011

"Hoo" let the dogs out? It's one of our great new angry birds, Ozzy the owl! This mean new addition to the arcade game Bird Brawl comes in 3 great new costumes. Each owl costume has an awesome weapon, be it beehive, blunderbuss, or bombs!

Also, did we metion that the bombs are new? So new, in fact, that they will blow your mind! Bombs are currently the most powerful weapon in this arcade game, and can even kill in a single hit. The catch is, well, your opponent has to catch them. Bombs are timed to explode after 3 seconds, and you must time them to land a hit. Watch the fuse as it gradually burns to help you out with this. And, dont worry, if you hit an opponent, the bombs will help you out by stopping suddenly!

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