More Arcade Game Updates

May 15th, 2011

Arcade Game Bird Brawl is back with more awesome updates to keep our bird-lovin fans migrating back!

Thanks to the excellent feedback of a few great players, we fixed a great number of bugs in addition to Noel doing some fine-ass looking changes to the interface. Of the latter, you'll see that our angry birds esque game now has a brand new intro screen, and the score screen is currently going through modifications. In the near future, you'll see big game updates, including the ability to unlock new weapons and characters.

Several bird bugs have been fixed: the cleaver is now much more accurate, and no longer causes the bots to just start inexplicably blowing up. Also, a bug involving the slowdown of the game has been remedied.

Some issues involving our last patch's "hatching egg" animation have also been resolved. Players hovering over top of these eggs will no longer receive that ear-piercing succession of "dinging" sounds. Also, a spacebar has been added beneath the egg to make it more obvious to new players what you're supposed to do when you die.

Finally, several performance updates have been made to our lil arcade game so that you can get it running better on old-ass computers. Here at Battle Smart Studios, we want to make sure that everyone has the same enjoyable experience, regardless of your machine's quality. So, if you notice that the game is running a little faster, don't be surprised--and if you happen upon another bug that seems to be slowing things down, feel free to give us the heads up via the brand new "Bug Report" page on the top of the website.

More great updates are coming soon--including 2 brand new players (a panguin and a kiwi), which will be released sometime soon. Stay tuned, and tell all your friends about the fabulous new changes we've made to this great and in-development arcade game!

Bird Brawl Updates