Arcade Game Bird Brawl now works in Internet Explorer!

April 23rd, 2011

You guessed it...Bird Brawl now works in Internet Explorer, so you can continue to tell all your friends about this exciting flash arcade game without worrying about their browser compatability!

Though Bird Brawl is definitely not Angry Birds, it has the same viral aspects and fantastic gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours. A new update was released today, sporting a number of fantastic changes to further improve your avian-fighting experience.

Now, when players die, they don't simply disappear for a few seconds and appear someplace else in the game--but, instead, an egg pops out and you must hatch out of it to conitnue playing. Additionally, several new in game animations--including a Bird Bot spawn animation and death animations--have been added. Take that Angry Birds!

So, as you play, take a look at some of these new changes, and feel free to post how you feel about them on our facebook wall, beneath the game :)

Bird Brawl Updates