New Penguin Bird!

May 21st, 2011

You're looking for angry birds? Well, no bird is angrier than our new Hiro Penguin! Just spend 5 second sharing this game on facebook (it helps us out and it doesnt cost you anything) to unlock a brand new character for this arcade game

So what's new about Hiro? He's very fast and utilizes the brand new collision detection engine that I spent the past week putting into the game. He can slide up hills to gain momentum, and do wild flips in the air to gain height over his opponents. His slick new bandana (beautifully crafted by Noel, thank you) wavers in the wind, and is going to move around in the near future. Finally, to top off his ninja-like arsenal, Hiro's base weapon in a ninja star--sure to dominate any opponents that get too close.

Stay tuned for more updates, as this penguin is going to get a whole lot cooler in the near future!

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